About Tim

Founded in 1998 by Tim Gustafson, Gustafson Life Consulting has been helping people in crisis with great success providing family & individual life consulting, life skills seminars, and resources to help strengthen lives and marriages.


Tim loves working with individuals, couples, and families — he received his Masters of Theology in 1978 and his Masters in Pastoral Counseling in 1985.

He was the director of the Pastoral Care and Counseling department at a large church in the Kansas City area and has taught courses in counseling and marriage at Grace Training Center.

Tim has been married over 42 years to his wife, Reneé, and they have three children: Tara, married to Jeff, Amy, married to Jason, and Joel, married to Lindsay. Tara and Jeff have four children, Amy and Jason have four children and Joel & Lindsay have three children.

Are you tired of the same old excuses why your life, your family, or your business isn't working?

Gustafson Counseling & Consulting Services may be able to help you.

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